Developped by CILEA, CILEAloc is dealer management software especially designed for ski rental outlets.

Easy, Express System and Effective, the software exists with a tactile interface for more ergonomy.

CILEAloc offers you an extremely easy management of your outlet: identification of the data from credit card for a quick and easy creation of the rental document, control of the daily routine procedures by using barcode scanner…

All the standard features offered by the software make CILEAloc the indispensible tool for your everyday management or to face moments of large crowds.

Flexible, CILEAloc is completely adaptable to all kind of business organization whatever the size of the shop.

Several modules, sales as separate items, extend the standard software features to create a customized version perfectly adapted at your business requirements.

Moreover, a software light version has been developed for small budget!

More than 350 shops use CILEAloc in France, Andorra and Italy.

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